Impact of Technology on Identity

 The Definition of Technology

With the increasing demand for digital and mobile technologies, the need for digital identity generation solutions has also increased. To meet this demand, digital identity generation solutions were developed and implemented to make digital identity available on a variety of platforms and devices. However, the adoption of digital identity solutions by different groups of people has been varied and there have been different adoption strategies adopted. As a result, the adoption of digital identity solutions has been different. 

In this article, we will discuss the definition of technology, its impact, the impact of technology on identity, and the adoption of digital identity solutions.

What is technology?


The Definition of Technology


The definition of technology is the process of using new technological resources to increase or advance an existing resource.


To make a technology definition, the following steps are necessary:


  • The technology (i.e. the hardware, software, or software solution) must be identified;

  • The definition of the technology must take into account all of the technologies that will be used in the end-user systems;

  • and - An definition of technology must be published and then distributed to the public.



The adoption of digital identity solutions has been very much discussed in the last few years. After the adoption of smart devices, the need for an identity generation solution was apparent. For example, in a survey, more than a quarter of the respondents stated that they needed to create an identity for each individual that uses their smart devices. The same survey found that only 29% of people used an existing social security number when creating their first identity. In addition, only 14% of people said they would like to have an updated social security number at a future date. In short, the need for an identity

generation solution became apparent.



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